How much does hiring an Interior Designer cost?

This is the million dollar question.  And although most Interior Design services are personalized and tailored to suit each client's needs, the truth is we can also give fix priced packages.

This way, you will always know what you are going to invest in your home.  Not a cent more. 

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Below you will find our most popular packages with fixed fees.  

For a more detailed Interior Design service, do not hesitate contacting us!

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The Creative Fee

This is a popular pack for a whole house up to 2,500 square feet that includes:

Design concepts, mood boards, drawings, floor plans, product sourcing, specifying and final styling.  There are two rounds of changes included.

We schedule a first complimentary visit, show you styles, options, we get to know your favorite colors and styles, what your interior design needs are and then on the second meeting, we bring samples, color swatches and proceed to take notes on those things  you like better, to deliver three different options for you.   From those three options you can select the one that will turn into a drawing for your approval and then the final floor plan, with a 3D rendering for you to have a better idea of how it will look.  Once you approve the project, this final floor plan will have all the product sourcing (ceramic tiles, hardware, bathroom accents, curtains, soft furnishings, furniture, where to buy it and all prices) 

It doesn't include exteriors. 


With this option, you will get everything needed to start your home remodel.  Our contractor fees and materials are billed apart.

We are partners with Cinco Hill Construction, a local and reliable company with many years of experience.

The price is $1,200.

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E-design is a new way of getting the services from an Interior Designer without leaving your home and without having to schedule appointments, visits, adding the convenience of having proposals, ideas and sources delivered to your e-mail.

We work on e-designs by sending you a few questions by e-mail.  Room or rooms you want us to work with, preferred styles, windows, approximated size of the room if possible and other basic data we need to start working on your project.

Sometimes photography of the room and/or the ideas you would like to implement are also of great help.

Pricing varies from $349 our Basic e-design package to our Premium package at $649

To learn more about these services, visit our e-design page.

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Color Consulting

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When it is about renovating our interior walls, changing colors and adding crown molding and other embellishments, seems like going to the store, getting some paint swatches and hanging them on the wall is enough.

Or maybe we loved the color on our friend's house walls.

But all these methods of choosing your colors can lead to wrong decisions.  And here are a few reasons why:

- Colors change depending on the light illuminating them.  This is no rocket science, but we are not talking just about the difference between the white light at your local store and the light bulbs at your home.  Windows, whether your home faces South or North, and other situations can make colors look very different from what we thought they would be.

- Swatches are too small to give us the right idea of color, and paint samples aren't free.

- Adding white to the paint you just bought will not make color look clearer.  It will give you a different color.

When you hire the services of an Interior Designer for a Color Consultation, we know these and many other reasons why that beautiful blue you saw at your friend's house will not look the same at yours.

We will work with you and your home, giving the right advice and the tools for you to make a wise decision.

This service is priced at $600 and includes selection of appropriate colors of your choice, delivery of samples, sourcing and color codes.

Also, we provide painter services through our partner Cinco Hill, with many years of experience to make your home shine again like new.

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